You already have Technical Debt

Technical debt arising from rushed releases

It can happen consciously or unknowingly

You don't always know how to measure the debt your applications carry

You must pay it back

Address problems caused by the technical debt

Devise workarounds to shield new projects, potentially creating more technical debt

Handle team changes with tacit knowledge of past decisions

Technical debt, like financial debt, needs to be repaid

What is technical debt?

Technical debt is the lower quality of the technological solution, which can result in costs being incurred in the future, either to correct or to mitigate. All technical debt isn't identical; some types are costlier.

Some technical debt will always remain; find a healthy level for your project/organization.

Architecture debt

Process debt

Requirement debt

Test debt

Documentation debt

How is a startup different?

I choose to focus on startups and smaller teams within medium and large organizations, since these face unique challenges due to the scarcity of time, money as well as processes.

A significant amount of technical debt incurred in such teams is due to the lack of externally imposed processes.

Simpler code and structure

Smaller teams = more control

No set processes involved

Refactoring by plan

Why choose me?

Aalap Ghosh
Aalap Ghosh

Hey there, I’m Aalap, and I’ve lived through most of the challenges new tech teams face. Having seen both large and small tech setups and created the processes needed to make a team work well together, I can help you navigate the choppy waters of a growing tech team. I have a keen understanding of how business decisions impact technology and vice versa, and can thus put a dollar value on the technical debt involved.

I don’t believe in giving a report and going away. My work always comes with a hand-holding period where I help you implement my recommendations and navigate the future decisions that are likely to come.


3-6 months




Guidance & Review

Understanding and estimation of value and effort

Discussions and review of company setup

Debt Sorting and Debt Savings Estimation

Periodic checks and next stage of discovery